Hamid Mir Explains the mega corruption shown in auditor general report

Senior Journalist and anchorperson Hamid Mir has talked about the irregularities and corruption.

Hamid Mir talks about Auditor General Report

This corruption is mentioned in the latest report by Auditor General.

According to the Auditor General of Pakistan, massive corruption has been committed. The report includes many important things.

Hamid Mir explaining mega corruption:

Let’s take a look at the details:

Central zakat fund:

There is a central zakat fund in Pakistan, and according to Auditor General Report on this, records worth RS1trillion were not reliable. Whereas, in expenses, eight cases of RS 2trillion were recorded.

Information Ministry department:

In 2017-18, the information ministry released advertisements worth RS 3 billion. As per Auditor Report, there was no policy and any guideline on this.

Also, the management didn’t set purposes to run the campaign. It means that the campaign was running without any rules and regulations.

The purpose of the campaign:

These kinds of campaigns were mostly designed for political achievements. For Example, when there was a movement against PMLN in 2014, they started running the campaign against PTI on television.

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Then again after the Panama Leaks in 2016, PMLN ran multiple campaigns to portray their narrative. They were defending the party leadership on taxpayer’s money.


Due to the negligence of FBR, loss of RS 4.1trillion was made. In revenue, loss of RS 5.3 trillion made and due to wrong calculations in the import sector, loss of RS 1 trillion was made.

Final thoughts:

The report is likely to be noticed by NAB and the leadership of PMLN can be onto more trouble.

As their leadership is already facing hard charges, this might be another addition to it.

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