Presidential System is the future of Pakistan – Haroon Ur Rasheed

  • Haroon Ur Rasheed claims that parliamentary system has failed in Pakistan.
  • A presidential system will be enforced in the country.
  • I’m not sure if I will be alive by then but this is going to happen.

The parliamentary system is going to become history – Haroon Ur Rasheed.

“One thing I want to say about the parliamentary system is that I have studied this system for years and years. I’m not sure if we will be alive to witness it but this country will have the presidential system.

There is no doubt that this system has badly failed. I have studied the system of India and one-third of the members of their parliament are criminals” Says Haroon Ur Rasheed

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Talking about the local Govt system:

Haroon Ur Rasheed says Pakistan cannot run without having a local bodies and the presidential system. No society can grow without education and awareness.

What is a presidential system?

In a presidential system, the general public directly votes the candidates for the presidential seat, unlike the current system.

The parliamentary system is totally the opposite where the members of the parliament are elected by the voter. Those members of parliament then elect the prime minister and president.

Why is it necessary in Pakistan?

The current political system is based on the members of the parliament, as known as the elect-ables. In the rural areas of Pakistan, the majority of the public do not care about the party or the party head.

They only vote because of the candidate and that’s the reason we have independent members of parliament who win without joining a party. In such a system where the head of the state has to rely on the members of parliament only, its hard to make tough decisions.

The presidential system gives the authority to the head of state as he wins at his own popularity and has more power to make greater decisions.


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