Hassan Nawaz’s double game – British in Pakistan and Pakistani in Britain

  • Hassan Nawaz has declared himself as a British National in Pakistan.
  • Some documents of his 5 companies have shown that he declared himself a Pakistani in England.
  • Mohammad Malick discusses the new evidence regarding Hassan Nawaz.

Hassan Nawaz; A mysterious guy who is a British national in Pakistan but Pakistani in Britain

Athar Kazmi, the correspondent of Mohammad Malick’s program and Hum News, explains the details of Hassan Nawaz’s companies.

“According to the record of British Govt and the 5 companies, Hasan Nawaz is the director of 5 companies. The names of the companies are as follows:

  1. Flagship Securities Limited. 
  2. Flagship Investment Limited. 
  3. Q-Holdings Limited 
  4. Queen Paddington limited.
  5. Quint Glossator Palace Limited.

According to the record of all these companies, Hasan Nawaz is a Pakistani citizen.


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Hasan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz used to call themselves as British nationals when they were called for accountability. But now, the record of 5 companies have clearly stated that Hassan Nawaz has declared himself a Pakistani Citizen.

This is how he has been playing the double game in the citizenship of both countries. A Pakistani citizen when it comes to saving the business.


Becomes a British national when again, it comes to saving their business and money.

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