Health Card of PTI and PMLN – Let’s take a comparative look

health card PTI Vs PMLN
health card PTI Vs PMLN

Since the launch of Sehat Sahulat Programme by the Prime Minister Imran Khan, PMLN has started taking the credit for it.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had launched the Health Card on a national level. The card was launched under the name of Sehat Sahulat Programme.

PMLN is taking the credit of health card by saying that the programme is a copy of our Health Card initiative. But how true it is? Let’s take a comparative look at both of them.

The launch of the health card:


It was launched in January 2015 Source Here It was launched in January 2016 Source Here
Launched on a provincial level Launched on a federal level
No photo of the CM on the card while launching. Photo of the PM on the card while launching.


Total Amount available for the card-holder


The card launched by PTI will enable the cardholder to get the free treatment for up to 720,000 Rupees. The card provided by PMLN was providing the treatment for up to 250,000 Rupees


Reimbursement for the laborers:


If the cardholder is a laborer and he gets sick, he will be paid with his daily wages with the help of this card. No such facility was available.


Hospitals covered:


Not only the Government, but the private hospitals are also taken on board to provide free treatment to the cardholders. Only a few government hospitals were on-panel.


The fare for traveling to hospital:


The cardholder will be paid up to 1000 Rupees as a fare for traveling to the hospital. The fare was not covered.


Handling the case of a tragic death:


If a patient dies during the treatment, 10,000 Rupees will be paid through this card for arranging the burial. No such facility was available.




Punjab Government aims to cover 50% of the population of Punjab by the end of 2019. According to the statistics provided to the health minister, Dr. Yasmin Rashid, PMLN’s card was provided to some 41,000 people.


This was a comparative analysis of both of the cards. Keep your political differences aside and decide which one of them is actually helping a poor of this country.

Let us know about your thoughts on both of these cards. Leave a Facebook comment below or send your feedback at [email protected] 

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