The list of Govt and Private hospitals for Insaf Health Card in Punjab

The following hospitals are listed on Insaf Health Card by the Govt.

Not only the Govt but there are many private hospitals as well. Insaf Health Card enables the cardholder to use it anywhere in the province.

Here is the full list:




  Hospital List – Sehat Sahult Program (SSP)  Total Beds 5,771
 1Rahim Yar Khan  Total Beds902
 Sr. NoHospital NameTehsilDistrictGovernment/PrivateNo. of
 1Al_Rehmat Medical ComplexRahim Yar KhanRahim Yar KhanPrivate25
 2Hamza MedicareRahim Yar KhanRahim Yar KhanPrivate30
 3Lala Medical Complex Rahim Yar KhanRahim Yar KhanRahim Yar KhanPrivate13
 4Sh Zayed Medical College And HospitalRahim Yar KhanRahim Yar KhanGovernment741
 5Millat HospitalSadiqabadRahim Yar KhanPrivate12
 6Razia Surgical Hospital Sadiq AbadSadiqabadRahim Yar KhanPrivate25
 7Tahir General HospitalLiaqat purRahim Yar KhanPrivate14
 8Saad Abdullah Surgical HospitalLiaqat purRahim Yar KhanPrivate10
 9Faisal Hospital Rahim Yar KhanKhan purRahim Yar KhanPrivate12
 10Hassan HospitalKhan purRahim Yar KhanPrivate20    
 2Khanewal  Total Beds266
 1Noureen Nishat HospitalKhanewalKhanewalPrivate200
 2Saeed MedicareMian channuKhanewalPrivate20
 3Sameen Zafar Medical CentreKabir walaKhanewalPrivate11
 4Family Hospital KhanewalKhanewalKhanewalPrivate10
 5Iqbal Memorial Hospital Makhdom pur KhanewalKhanewalKhanewalPrivate15
 6Rafi Hospital KhanewalKhanewalKhanewalPrivate10    
 3Narowal  Total Beds97
 1Akram Hospital NarowalShakr garhNarowalPrivate15
 2Shukardin Surgical HospitalNarowalNarowalPrivate30
 3Zohra Surgical And Children HospitalShakr garhNarowalPrivate10
 4Ch. Sarwar HospitalNarowalNarowalPrivate22
 5Hassan Medical And Surgical HospitalZafarwalNarowalPrivate20    
 4Sargodha  Total Beds685
 1Al-Shifa Farida Memorial HospitalBhalwalSargodhaPrivate10
 2Munir Hospital SargodhaSargodhaPrivate27
 3Virk HospitalShahpurSargodhaPrivate10
 4Sarwar HospitalSargodhaSargodhaPrivate14
 5Sial HospitalSahiwalSargodhaPrivate14
 6Niazi Medical Complex SargodhaSargodhaSargodhaPrivate500
 7Sadiq Hospital SargodhaSargodhaSargodhaPrivate100
 8Khatim-un- Nabiyeen Hospital SargodhaSargodhaSargodhaPrivate10    
 5D . G Khan  Total Beds135
 1Kulachi Medical Complex, Taunsa SharifTaunsa SharifD . G KhanPrivate10
 2Surgicare HospitalD . G KhanD . G KhanPrivate15
 3Azeem HospitalD . G KhanD . G KhanPrivate10
 4DG Hospital, DG KhanD . G KhanD . G KhanPrivate50
 5Allied Surgical Hospital, DG KhanD . G KhanD . G KhanPrivate50    
 6Multan   Total Beds1085
 1Laeeq Rafiq Hospital Yaqoob Nagar, Ruknabad, 19-Km Bahawalpur road MultanMultan Multan Private50
 2Bakhtawar Amin HospitalMultan Multan Private500
 3Ch. Pervaiz Elahi Institute of CardiologyMultan Multan Government450
 4Ali General Hospital, Nazd Chowk Raheed abad Khanewal Road MultanMultan Multan Private50
 5South Punjab Clinic & Hospital, Chungi # 1, Suraj Miani Raod MultanMultan Multan Private15
 6Aziz Hospital , Chowk Aziz Hotel, MultanMultan Multan Private20    
 7Rajan Pur  Total Beds40
 1Faiza General Hospital, Canal Road, RajanpurRajan PurRajan PurPrivate15
 2Rehman Hospital, Hajipur Road, FazalpurRajan PurRajan PurPrivate10
 3Sehar Hospital, Choti Road, JampurJampurRajan PurPrivate15    
 8Bahawalnagar  Total Beds25
 1Mushtaq Surgical Hospital & Maternity Home, ChistianChistianBahawalnagarPrivate10
 2Al-Shifa Hospital, Fort AbbasFort AbbasBahawalnagarPrivate15    
 9Lodhran  Total Beds535
 1City Hospital & Surgical Complex, Kehror PakaKehror PakaLodhranPrivate15
 2Shahida Islam Medical & Dental College, Lodhran CityLodhranLodhranPrivate500
 3Luqman Hospital, LodhranLodhranLodhranPrivate20    
 10Hafizabad  Total Beds33
 1Zam Zam Hospital HafizabadHafizabadHafizabadPrivate20
 2Saqib Bashir Poly Clinic HafizabadHafizabadHafizabadPrivate13    
 11Khushab  Total Beds85
 1Bhatti Hospital KhushabKhushabKhushabPrivate20
 2Iqbal Medical Centre Naushera KhushabNausheraKhushabPrivate10
 3Niazi Surgical ComplexQuaidabadKhushabPrivate10
 4Qaiser General Hospital Noorpur Thal KhushabNoorpur ThalKhushabPrivate10
 5Al- Noor Hospital Joharabad KhushabJoharabadKhushabPrivate20
 6Rana Medical ComplexJoharabadKhushabPrivate15    
 12Mianwali  Total Beds85
 1Obaid Noor Hospital MianwaliMianwaliMianwaliPrivate70
 2Rehman Laproscopy HospitalMianwaliMianwaliPrivate15    
 13Bakkhar  Total Beds95
 1Bigd. Shafique Memorial Hospital Trust BakharBakharBakharPrivate60
 2Azhar Mehboob Memorial Hospital BakharBakharBakharPrivate35    
 14Vehari   Total Beds48
 1Eman Surgical HospitalBurewalavehariPrivate13
 2Kamal HospitalVehariVehariPrivate10
 3National HospitalVehariVehariPrivate15
 4Burewala HospitalBurewalaVehariPrivate10    
 15Bahawalpur   Total Beds72
 1Al Shifa ClinicAhmadpur EastBahawalpurPrivate10
 2Al Rehman Medical CenterBahawalpur CityBahawalpurPrivate12
 3Millat HospitalKhairpur Tame WaliBahawalpurPrivate15
 4Al Rehman Medical Center HospitalYazmanBahawalpurPrivate10
 5City Hospital Near GPO, BahawalpurBahawalpurPrivate15
 6Shafi Surgical Hospital & Maternity HomeHasilpurBahawalpurPrivate10    
 16Muzafargarh  Total Beds112
 1Shan Latif Hospital, Rohilanwali, MuzafargarhRohilanwaliMuzafargarhPrivate30
 2Hashmat Hamid Hospital, Sanawan, MuzafargarhSanawan, Kot AdduMuzafargarhPrivate10
 3Zainab Hospital, Shah Jamal, MuzafargarhMuzafargarhMuzafargarhPrivate12
 4Khan Medical CentreAlipurMuzafargarhPrivate15
 5Malik Surgical & Medical CentreMuzafargarhMuzafargarhPrivate15
 6City Hospital & Surgical Complex, JatoiJatoiMuzafargarhPrivate30    
 17Layyah  Total Beds101
 1AL- Mustafa Surgical Hospital Chowk AzamLayyahLayyahPrivate14
 2Qadir Ali Hospital LayyahLayyahPrivate20
 3AL- Hussain Hospital LayyahLayyahLayyahPrivate15
 4Sirati Hospital LayyahLayyahLayyahPrivate12
 5Asia Iqbal Hospital LayyahKaror Lal EsanLayyahPrivate40    
 18Lahore  Total Beds1370
 1Farooq HospitalLahoreLahorePrivate450
 2Punjab Institute of CardiologyLahoreLahoreGovernment220
 3Akhtar Saeed HospitalLahoreLahorePrivate400
 4Sharif Medical City HospitalLahoreLahorePrivate300


Want to check the features of Insaf Health Card? Click here 

The initiative of health card is one of the major steps taken by PTI Govt. It was first initiated in KP during their tenure of 2013-2018.

It massively helped the poor people of KP that PTI Govt decided to launch the health card initiative on a national level.



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