KPK Health Insurance – Sehat Insaf Card for additional 800,000 people


KPK Health Insuranne – Sehat Insaf Card for additional 800,000 people

The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has approved the extension of SehatInsaf Card to all employees of the public.

It also includes autonomous bodies including universities, medical institutes, lawyers, journalists etc.

Extension Plan:

This decision has been taken by the Chief Minister during a meeting. The SehatInsaf Card will be extended to 69% of the population of the province. This facility would be extended to 2.4 million families of the province. It would enhance healthcare cover to 69% of the total population.

Previously it was available for 51% of the population. Under the extension plan, 0.7 million additional families would be provided, SehatInsaf Card. Necessary steps have already been taken. New cards would be distributed by 31 December 2017.

Government is aiming to improve its Ease of Doing Business environment. It would help in promoting economic growth activities in the province. Work is underway on a revamped Industrial and Economic Strategy.

Ambitious Reform Agenda:

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has set an ambitious reform agenda for its first 100 Days in power. The province is working on 24 actions across multiple departments. The additional actions include areas where the government wishes to strengthen policy and planning.

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A sum of 350 Million rupees has been spent so far in different government and private hospitals of the province. The card holders are allowed to get free treatment of up to 300,000 Rupees. This program was initially started in 4 districts of KPK. But later it was extended to the whole province.

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Work in progress:

All departments are working to produce quality plans in the next five years. Several important milestones are in the final stages of completion.

Major departments:

Five departments have already been merged with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Secretariat. These departments include:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Population welfare
  • Zakat
  • Social welfare
KPK Health Insuranne – Sehat Insaf Card for additional 800,000 people

Review of overall progress:

The Chief Minister Mahmood Khan will review overall progress on 6th December 2018. At the end of the 100 Days, the government will publish brief, public-friendly outputs on each action. It will further discuss commitments and how they will be achieved over the next five years.

Kidney transplant:

KP’s government has decided to include kidney transplant and burnt treatment in the SehatInsaf Card. It will provide free treatment to kidney-patients. About 19000 people have received free treatment under this facility from KP Govt. This number is taken from January 2017 till the date.


SehatInsaf Card is the KP government’s flagship health insurance program. The health insurance is going to be a major help for the poor as there is a lack of quality treatment in the province. This program will enable the cardholders to get a free and quality treatment.

Some background of Sehat Insaf Card or Insaf Health Card

This insurance will allow the households to utilize up to Rs540,000 per year, for medical treatment and medicines. The poorest person in KP will be treated at the finest private hospital in Peshawar, just like any fee-paying patient. SehatInsaf Card will raise the status of poor patients. It will enable people to afford private treatment.

Total Spendings on the project:

KP’s government is planning to spend more than 5.4 billion Rupees. 1.8 Million households are going to take benefit from this SehatInsaf Card scheme. Previously it was in19 districts, but now it will be provided in 36 districts of Punjab.

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