Health Reforms Punjab – Changes brought at Jinnah Hospital in 6 months

  • Jinnah Hospital is one of the main public sector hospitals of Punjab. 
  • PTI led Punjab Government and Minister of Health Dr. Yasmin Rashid have been working on legislation. 
  • We will discuss some of the major reforms at Jinnah Hospital Lahore. 

Minister of health Dr. Yasmin Rashid is said to be the most active minister in the cabinet of Punjab.

She’s holding different meetings and visiting different hospitals every day.

Let’s take a look at the reforms of Jinnah Hospital and see how they will improve the health facilities.


health reforms Jinnah hospital

Three new ventilators were installed in the accident and emergency department for critically ill patients. This addition will help in saving many more lives at Jinnah Hospital.

2. Leakage repairing

Jinnah Hospital reforms

Rectification of seepage and leakage in the emergency and accident department of Jinnah hospital. It helped to maintain the cleanliness and hygienic conditions in the facility.

3. Complete Paneling

Complete paneling of the building at Jinnah Hospital

Roofs of the whole building have been covered with panels. It helps to maintain the hygienic conditions and a better environment to the patients.

4. Public Facilitation Desk

Public Facilitation desk at Jinnah Hospital Lahore

A dedicated desk has been established for public facilitation at Jinnah hospital. People can go and ask about anything to get better health facilities.

5. Labour Room

Upgraded labour room at Jinnah Hospital

The Labour room has been upgraded to provide better health facilities to the patients. The sitting area of inner space has been renovated.

6. 100% Biometric attendance

100% Bio-metric attendance at Jinnah Hospital

To ensure the attendance of everyone in the staff, the attendance is marked 100% with biometric verification.

When the staff is available with their full presence, it becomes easier to manage the patients and provide better health facilities.

7. Establishment of Mehmaan Khaana

Mehmaan Khaana in Jinnah Hospital Lahore

The establishment of Mehmaan Khana is the most prominent change at Jinnah Hospital. The attendants of patients won’t have to sleep on the floor now.

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A Mehmaan Khana (Guesthouse) has been established where the attendants can stay as long as their patient is there in the hospital.

Food being served at Jinnah Hospital

Not only they can stay there but the food is also served so that no one stays hungry.

People staying at Mehman Khana Jinnah Hospital

The establishment of Mehmaan Khaana is the brainchild of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Minister of health Dr. Yasmin Rashid has executed this idea at Jinnah hospital and providing food and shelter to the attendants.

8. Last but not least, Medicine provision:

Medicine provision at Jinnah Hospital

The availability of medicine at all emergencies has been made sure at Jinnah hospital Lahore.

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Most of these steps seem pretty small and not any revolutionize step but its the small things that make it to bigger ones. The whole system needs a revamping which will definitely take years.

So, these changes are a good start for now.

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