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The Hired Guns

Take a paid scheme, add some conspiracy, a pinch of chronological terms and a dash of fancy words; serve it hot with a side of deeply held grudges against none other than Imran Khan and Viola!!!

You have a perfectly cooked article by Cyril Almeida. But Hey! Doesn’t this recipe reminds you of someone else; you got it right, the master chef of all Husain Haqqani who is always seen busy lobbying against Pakistan’s institutions on behest of his paymasters Hired guns like Cyril and Hussain Haqqani are not the only ones famous for misleading readers. These days, it is not unusual for us to come across people depicting an extreme lack of knowledge, making confusing statements and coming up with conspiracy theories.

Coming back to Cyril, the dear journalist, previously famous for breaching the National Security in Dawn Leaks is now on another task of maligning Govt of Pakistan and it’s institutions.

In his recent write up he tried to stir up an anti-Pakistan propaganda based on the minimal amount of information and cooked up theories to manipulate the readers. With Pakistan having moved forward, it seems Cyril and his handlers are still stuck in the ’90s. The things he is so desperately trying to sell is not something that readers will buy so easily especially when he is making ridiculous comparisons between Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan.

Who doesn’t know who Nawaz is, the so-called democrat; just a nobody pampered by General Zia, Gen Jillani and brought in power. Moreover, the accusation that media is under attack like the 90s is laughable. Everybody knows there were no vibrant media in the 90s whereas right now we have the most vibrant media. Govt has even removed all kind of censorship from PTV with equal coverage to the opposition.
Our dear journalist also forgot to do his homework on the working of the current government which is setting a benchmark for the future by taking notice of mere allegations against its sitting ministers, uplifting the deserving community, making the government institutions non-political and introducing people friendly government based foundations which never existed before.

Perhaps the fast pace of government’s progress is quite unsettling and discomforting; forcing such hired guns to unleash their minute efforts to satisfied their masters.

This sort of efforts should be condemned on all levels which damage the interest of common people, the law, its protectors or the state itself. It is time for the readers, real journalists, and opinion makers to call out and say NO to these hired guns that are destroying the credibility and respect of this profession.

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