What is Hunarmand Pakistan program? Let’s take a detailed look

  • Hunarmand Pakistan program is a project to empower the skilled youth of Pakistan
  • It coverts the training and supporting the talented youth.
  • Let’s take a deeper look at this program
Hunarman Pakistan Program
Hunarman Pakistan Program

Here are the salient features of Hunarmand Pakistan Program.


Development & Standardization of 200 Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET) Qualifications:

It wild enhance the skills and talent of Pakistani youth and they will be polished to excel in their respective fields.

International Accreditation of 50 Pakistani TVET Institutes and initiation of Joint Degree Programs with reputed international TVET Institutes.

This will help achieving the goal of international-standard training of the skilled youth. The standard of teaching and training will be raised to match the international level


•Strengthening of NAVTTC’s National Skill Information System (NSIS) and expansion of National Job Portal

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• Establishing 100 Smart Tech labs across Pakistan for distant learning programs in Technical & Vocational Education and Training sector including introduction of soft skills, Business & IT and virtual skill development

• Establishing 10 country of destination specific facilitation Centers in 10 cities across Pakistan with high outflux of Pakistanis in the international market workers abroad

• Establishing 70 new labs / workshop in Madrassa(s) to introduce skill development activities all across Pakistan

• Skill Development Program for 50,000 youth belonging to less developed areas of country especially Balochistan, GB, AJK and newly added districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Ex-FATA), Southern Punjab & Rural Sindh

• Skill development training of 50,000 Youth in High-End / High-Tech. technologies in reputed Universities & state of the Art TVET Institutes of Pakistan

• Apprenticeship training of 25,000 youth in industry under Apprenticeship Act-2018 (Formal & Informal Apprenticeship) in collaboration with provincial TEVTAs

• Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) of 100,000 youth to certify informally acquired skills inside the country and abroad and training of 8,000 Assessors

• Establishing National Accreditation Council at ICT
• Accreditation of 2,000 TVET Institutes all across Pakistan

• Transfer of Technology through Foreign Training of 500 TVET Teachers in Technologically Advanced Countries and In-country Technical Training of Training of 2,000 TVET Teachers

• Establishment of 50 Business Incubation Centers to promote self-employment and entrepreneurship in skilled youth


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