Iftikhar Durrani factually corrects Bilawal Zardari on Governors of State Bank

Iftikhar Durrani Corrects Bilawal
  • Chairman PPP Bilawal Zardari has been objecting the appointments by the Govt.
  • The most prominent objection was on the appointment of Governors of State Bank.
  • Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Media, Iftikhar Durrani comes up with facts.

Iftikhar Durrani is here with facts to correct the PPP Chairman Bilawal Zardari.

Here is what he said :


The portfolios and qualification of the Governors of state bank:

SAPM on Media Iftikhar Durrani has shared a list of names and their qualifications/portfolios of the governors of the state bank. He makes it clear with facts that all of these appoints are purely on merit and in the best interest of Pakistan.

Mr. Durrani’s Advice to Bilawal:


He has advised Bilawal to hire a qualified media and research team so he won’t have to be embarrassed by presenting the false information.

This is not the first time Mr. Durrani has corrected Bilawal. He’s been doing it for a while now by presenting the facts with and logic.

The term “Accidental Chairman”

After continuous accusation and misrepresenting of facts from the PPP chairman, Iftikhar Durrani came up with a “nick” for him.

Calling him as “Accidental Chairman” because he was accidentally made the chairman of the party. The term was widely used by social media users after it was initiated by Mr. Durrani.


It is a general perception that Bilawal does not do his homework or double-check with the facts before saying or tweeting anything. Every time he does that, the facts get exposed just like Iftikhar Durrani has presented them.

Misrepresenting a fact and getting busted every time; It is not helping Bilawal but damaging him instead

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