Imaan Mazari gets schooled on her derogatory tweet

People School Imaan Mazari
People School Imaan Mazari
  • Imaan Mazari comes up with derogatory remarks in one of her tweets.
  • People on Twitter started to school her some manners.
  • Before she starts to play her victim card, here is the full detail of the matter:

The tweet from Imaan Mazari where she used derogatory remarks:


Here is the screenshot in case the tweet gets deleted:

Imaan Mazari's Tweet
Imaan Mazari’s Tweet

And this is how people on Twitter started to respond:


This is not the first time she’s doing it:


And some have reminded her about her past:


People are even asking to remove her mother from the ministry:


“She wants freedom beyond the limits”


“Everything Maulana Tariq Jameel Said, was according to Hadith”


“Who is the hypocrite here”


“She was seeking some attention”


“Enjoying the perks of being a daughter of the minister and criticizing using words like shameful for the Prime Minister”


This was a sneak peek of how people have responded to Imaan Mazari for her derogatory remarks. What do you think about it? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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