Prime Minister Imran Khan’s exclusive interview with Al Arabia

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan had an exclusive interview with Al Arabia recently.

PM Imran Khan starts his talk to Al Arabia by saying that Saudi Arabia is one of the closest friends to Pakistan. It has always stood with us in every hard time. Whether it was a financial crisis or a natural disaster.

Watch the full video here:

Mr. Khan had promised “the best” welcome for Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. He fulfilled the promise as the whole world witness the historic welcome of the crown prince. Take a look at the video below:

PM Imran Khan has clearly stated that the Saudi-Pak relationships are entering a new era.

What we want to do, why we say it’s a new era and time for a new level of relationship is because we want to have and play to each other’s comparative advantage. Pakistan has a different type of advantage to Saudi Arabia. We have probably, even today, the most educated Muslims in the world are Pakistanis

Says Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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Furthermore, he was explaining how Pakistan is ahead of the other Muslim Counties. He says that Pakistan was the only Muslim country to have the ability to build a nuclear reactor and be an atomic power.

Talking about the capabilities of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan:

Saudi Arabia has capital resources and oil. Pakistan has potential in human resource and entrepreneurship and has labor.

If we play on each other’s advantages, both countries can benefit from each other. Trading and investing in each other where both counties benefit.

Talking about the European Union:

I was in university when the European Union was formed. The standard of living in all of the member states went up. Because more they traded, the more their standard of living went up.

You can check out the interview transcript on the official website of Al Arabia Here

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