Imran Khan’s peace offering speech after Pakistan shoots Indian Jets

Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks to the nation after the Indian jets were shot down this morning.

“Better sense should prevail”

Watch the full speech here:


My dear Pakistanis, the situation that has been forming since yesterday morning, I wanted to take you in confidence. We offered India full cooperation over Pulwana matter. Any sort of investigation requested from there end would be respected. They lost lives in Pulwana attack and I understand how the families would have been affected by the incident.

We know because we have been a victim of terrorism where more than 70 thousand people lost their lives. I have visited many hospitals in Past 10 years and met bomb blast victims who lost their limbs and arms.

So we understand how the families would have been going through. Knowing the realities, we offered them that if any Pakistani is involved in the case, Pakistani will fully cooperate. We offered such support only because it’s not in the interest of Pakistan that our land is used to cater to any sort of terrorist activity in any part of the world. Likewise, we will not allow any outsider to create unrest on Pakistani soil.
There was no dispute that we were ready to give assistance, however, I had a hunch that they will take an action and precisely that’s why I stated that we won’t be left with an option then responding back. Any sovereign states do not allow any other country to do an operation based on self-assumption. You cannot be a judge, jury, and executioner all by yourself. I had an idea that India will make such a move because they have elections. That is why I told them that we would respond back if they would try to take an action.

So when India acted, we did not respond back immediately. I had a meeting with Army Chief and Air chief. We wanted to have all the facts on the table regarding the damage. It would have been irresponsible if we would have taken an action without learning the impact and casualties. Today, we responded after learning the facts with a mindset that there shouldn’t be any collateral damage or casualties from our end. The response was to clarify India that we have the capabilities to retaliate. Two IAF planes violated Pakistan Air space. Our jets took them out and our land forces were able to capture 2 Indian Pilots.
Now I’m addressing India as we need to see what is our way forward? It is very important that we show some wisdom. If we study the history, all the wars that took place were based on a miscalculation. No leader thought about the impact of wars. First world war was thought to end within months, however, it took 6 years. Second world war saw such a phase where massive destruction took place. Similarly, did America pictured that they will be stuck for 17 years in Afghanistan in War on Terror? In short, history teaches that wars cannot be calculated.
I want to question the Indian government, given our nuclear weapon situation, can we afford any sort of miscalculation? Shouldn’t we give a thought to the fact that if this situation escalates what would be the results?
Thus I give you another invitation. We are ready to have dialogues over Pulwana terrorism. I would again recommend that “Better sense should prevail”. We should sit down and resolve the issues.

Thank you!

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Transcript credits: PTI Official 

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