Imran Khan’s interview with Muhammad Malick on 6th May 2018

Imran Khan had an important interview with Mohammad Malick on 92 News on May 6th, 2018.

Imran Khan started off his answers by talking about the possible alliances of PTI after the general election. Chairman PTI categorically states that PTI will not have any alliance with PPP or PMLN.

The purpose of coming into power is to empower the institutions by eliminating the corruption and if any of our allies are corrupt, we won't be able to implement our manifesto.

Imran Khan Chairman PTI

He further stated he will accept the results of elections if they are truly free and fair. 22 Parties in 2013 claimed that the rigging took place in the general election. We stood against it and we only demanded to open 4 constituencies which PMLN didn’t.

Asad Umar will be our finance minister and he will present his financial strategies before the general election.

Imran Khan Chairman PTI announces his first minister.

Talking about the debts, Imran Khan says that the debt in last 10 years has been increased to 27 thousand billion rupees. PPP and PMLN have pushed Pakistan under the influence of IMF and world bank, says Chairman PTI.


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