‘Nimboo’ used by Indians at their Rafale and Twitter is not coming slow.

  • India has recently received its first Rafale from France.
  • Twitter reacts to their use of ‘Naarial’ and ‘Nimboo’ at the inaugural ceremony.
  • These 36 Rafale jets have been recently delivered to India.

Okay! You’ve got them but what’s with this Nimboo? Let’s take a look.


An Indian minister has performed the whole religious ceremony upon inaugural Rafale Jets in India. This is probably the reason why the Indian Air Force has been facing so many jet and helicopter crashes.

It was speculated that the Indian Air Force did it on purpose to speed up the process of getting Rafale jets from France. Anyways… It doesn’t matter if they have Rafales or Migs, they’re going to be flown by Indian Pilots at the end 🀣

This is how the people on Twitter have reacted:


Β Even Indians are taking a hit:

Β Some Indians have openly spoken about the Indian Oppression in Kashmir.Β 


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