Indian media sits on the throne of ‘Kingdom Fake News’ – Microsoft Report

Indian media fake news – Report

The latest report has suggested that Indian Media has more fake news than anywhere else in the world right now.

The survey finds that India has more fake news and internet stories more than any other country. A recent report from Microsoft has suggested these results.

Let’s take a look at the fake news stats:


Percentage of citizens in the rest of the world who witness a fake news  57%
Percentage of people who encountered fake news in India 64%


Internet hoaxes:


Percentage of people who faced an internet hoax in the rest of the world  50%
Meanwhile in India  54%

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The internet hoaxes are not limited to internet only. According to this report, 40 people died in India just because of fake news being spread via Whatsapp.

The timing of this report:

This report came out a few weeks before the Pulwama attack. Just after the attack, Indian Media started blaming it on Pakistan even before any official stance.

The same pattern was followed when Indian jets violated the air space of Pakistan and dropped their payload.

Continuing the pattern:

The same pattern of fake news was followed by Indian Media when they claimed the Indian Air Force has killed 300 terrorists during their “visit” to Pakistan.

Even their own government didn’t mention the killing of 300 people but Indian media keeps on hammering this narrative without any evidence.

Pakistan shooting down Indian jets:

When Pakistan shot down 2 Indian jets, their media started spreading another lie. They started claiming that India has shot down a Pakistan F-16 Jet.

While DG ISPR Major Asif Ghafoor clearly stated that Pakistan Air Force didn’t even use F-16 in the activity.

It doesn’t stop here:

The lies of Indian Media continue to get busted as their own analyst exposes their lie.

Check out the video below:

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What do you think about the whole fiasco created by Indian media? Let us know in the comments below. 

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