Indian Pilot Abhinandan Video Statement before leaving Pakistan.

Indian captured pilot Abhinandan’s latest video statement comes out.

Right before leaving Pakistan, he talks on camera and mentions the role of Indian Media.

He has also shared the story of his jet being crashed. How he was attacked by the local people and then rescued by the armed forces of Pakistan.

Initial story:

While describing the initial stage of the incident, he says ” I was chasing the target but my jet was shot down by Pakistan air force. I then ejected myself and open the parachute”

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Views about Pakistan Army:

“I have spent time with Pakistan army and I must say that it is a professional force. I had to leave my jet because it was crashed. I was then taken care of by the Pakistan army.

They gave me the first aid and treated me professionally. I see a chance of peace in this”

About India media:

He openly says “Indian Media over exaggerates things. The reality is different from what Indian media claims.



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