Cow on railway track: India’s ‘fastest’ train breaks down after 18 KM of travel

The semi-fast train was inaugurated by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The train has been reportedly broken down because there was a cow on the railway track. Indian media is reporting that it was the inaugural run of the “fastest” train of India.

The breakdown occurred around 18 kilometers from Tundla junction in Uttar Pradesh

The official statement:

Indian Railway officials are saying that it was because “skidding wheels”. The train will be taking its first commercial run on Sunday, Feb 17th. All of the tickets have been already sold.

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Here is what the ministry has Tweeted:

Where did it stop?

With several journalists on board,  the train was stuck at Tundla for over an hour.

Hitting a cow:


According to this Indian Journalist, the train was stuck because it hit a cow.


The smoke coming out of train:


Criticism from Indian citizens:


One more:


The train is a flagship program of “Make in India” project. The journalists on the train moved to another one after it broke down.

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