Success of Insaf Health Card in KPK – PTI to launch it in Punjab now

After the Insaf Health Card being successful in KPK, PTI-led Punjab Govt is ready to launch it in 19 districts of Punjab.

Previously in 19 districts, but now it will be provided in 36 districts of Punjab. It was announced by the health minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid on her official Twitter account

Insaf Health Card was one of the greatest achievements of PTI Govt in KPK in 2013-2018. The cardholder was allowed to get the free treatment worth 500,000 Rupees. The card was valid in Govt and some selected private hospitals as well.

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Insaf health card

The Punjab Govt has not decided the total subsidy to be given on this health insurance. The health minister of Punjab Dr. Yasmin Rashid is going to head this initiative.

The health insurance is going to be a major help for the poor as there is a lack of quality treatment in the province. This programme will enable the cardholders to get a free and quality treatment.

Prime minister Imran Khan during his speech to the nation pointed on providing a health insurance nationwide.


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