Iran interested to invest in free economic zones in Pakistan


  • The free economic zone between Iran and Pakistan to open soon
  • Discussions between Iranian Counsel and CM Balochistan
  • Both sides are keen to expand trade and economic zones
  • Tax-free border markets can be helpful in boosting Pak-Iran economic ties
  • Pak-Iran trade volume will be increased
Iran interested to invest in free economic zones in Pakistan

In the coming days, Iran-Pakistan free economic zones are expected to open in the city of Mirjaveh in Iran’s Sistan and Baluchistan Province.

Iranian Consul General Mohammad Rafieeheld a meeting with Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal. In the meeting, the Iranian Counsel said that the Pak-Iran free economic zones will be inaugurated soon in Mirjaveh city of Sistan-Balochistan province.

Boosting trade:

During the meeting, both sides agreed to expand Pak-Iran border trade and economic zones to foster economic relations.

They also discussed the implementation of decisions taken by the Pak-Iran Border Commission and Joint Border Trade Commission.

More from the meeting:

The two sides stressed upon trade through Pak-Iran border points and economic zones to foster bilateral economic relations. Increasing Pak-Iran trade up to five billion dollars remained the focal point of the meeting.

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Describing Balochistan as an important bridge – Iranian Counsel

Rafiyee, the Iranian Counsel described Balochistan as an important bridge between the Pakistan and Iran, he said:

“Pakistan and Iran have social, political and cultural relations for decades. The Iranian government has always given importance to its relations with Pakistan.”

Iranian Counsel invites CM Balochistan:

In the meeting, the Iranian consul invited Chief Minister Jam Kamal to visit Iran’s Sistian and Balochistan Province.

Iran interested to invest in free economic zones in Pakistan

Tax-free border markets:

The Chief Minister said:

“Today, relations between two countries depend upon trade and economic relations and can only be strengthened by boosting trade activities.”

Kamal said that the tax-free border markets in Pakistan and Iran will boost economic ties between the two countries.

The Chief Minister also briefed the Iranian consul general on the security measures taken for pilgrims traveling from Balochistan to Iran.

Trade volume to increase up to $5billion:

Both Iranian Counsel and CM Balochistan held detailed talks on strengthening the bilateral relations between Pakistan and Iran.

Both sides agreed that trade transactions between Iran and Pakistan would directly increase the current trade volume to $5 billion.

Final thoughts:

Federal and provincial governments are taking measures to enhance trade with Iran.

Islamabad had been making effective steps in curbing drug smuggling and bringing peace to the border areas, he added.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is keen on increasing bilateral ties with Iran. He stresses that all economic problems with Iran should be resolved.

Iran can also contribute to Pakistani Gwadar port by providing natural gas and electricity to the petrochemical plants in the port.


Source: Dawn

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