Here is how Irshad Bhatti has explained Pakistan’s diplomatic achievements.

  • Irshad Bhatti has talked about the international perception of Pakistan.
  • He’s sure about it and says “there is no doubt about it that Pakistan has shined internationally”
  • General Joseph has said that we’ve got the helped from Pakistan in 6 months like we couldn’t get in 18 years.

Pakistan has definitely shined at the international level under the leadership of Imran Khan – Irshad Bhatti. 

The senior journalist and analyst Irshad Bhatti talks about the diplomatic and international achievements of Pakistan. He starts counting the achievements and here is how he lists them:

  1. Better relations with China, UAE, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia.
  2. Pakistan’s role in the Afghan conflict.
  3. Look at the relations with Qatar
  4. Kartarpur corridor for Sikhs of India and Pakistan.


We have knocked out India for the first time after 1965. Our image got improved after the India-Pakistan conflict.

Irshad Bhatti Senior Analyst


For the first time, Pakistan has talked about peace in this way and that’s the reason the world stood up with us.

The victories of Pakistan:

It was the first time in the history of Pakistan when we have put India on backfoot. Pakistan won diplomatic and warfare both battles.

Pakistan won the warfare by shooting down Indian jets and won the diplomatic front by getting the whole world on his side because of the narrative of peace.

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The foreign policy of Pakistan:

Irshad Bhatti says that if you want to see the foreign policy of Pakistan, go look at India where the slogans of “Long Live Pakistan” are being raised.

Look at Sidhu, Congress, retired generals, and retired chief justices of India. They are all saying that the Indian policy and the Govt have disappointed us. We are getting to know everything from Pakistan in this whole scenario.


Civil-Military relation:

He also explains the relations of civil Govt and military leadership.

“There is no doubt about the betterment of Civil-Military leadership.”

You can call it the better destiny of Imran Khan but we have look at the end result. The end result shows us that we should give it the full marks.

Ending note:

I am Pakistan and I’m personally happy that my country’s image has been shined internationally like this for the first time

Says Irshad Bhatti

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