Irshad Bhatti’s Sarcastic response to Maryam Orangzaib’s Statement.

  • Irshad Bhatti says criticism by the opposition party is not acceptable.
  • Says that change was necessary and should be made.
  • PML-N should be asked about what they’ve said before.

Is it a very strange decision by PM Imran Khan to criticize so badly? – Arshad Bhatti asks

Irshad says that change was necessary for Pakistan and it should be made. The Prime Minister can only make the change because it’s his right and only he can observe the performances.

Previously, everybody was talking about the economy, energy, governance, and reforms and now when things started to work, they are questioning.

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Commenting on Peoples’ Party and PML-N:

Irshad says that Zardari is the party leader and nobody questions it, further he said that Bilawal has come from Oxford and joined the party but nobody questions it. He added that Maryam is titled as Nation’s Mother but nobody asks as it is an era of king and slaves.

Nawaz Sharif dismissed Parvez Rasheed and nobody asked him about it, not even Parvez Rasheed himself.

Peoples’ Party didn’t ask Nawaz Sharif that about making Dr. Asim the chairman of HEC while having so many blames. Furthermore, nobody ever asked the PML-N about things they had said in the past.

Bhatti also asked about why PML-N and Peoples’ Party have a lot of relatives in the national assembly.

He further said that change was necessary for such nation and PTI is doing well in this regard and it is their right also.

While asking about the criticism made by Maryam Aurangzeb, Bhatti asked that what is wicket and what was Maryam doing? Is it bowling or wicket keeping?


Maryum Aurangzeb has always criticized Imran Khan and his government and had earlier said that Imran Khan only deceived people by his false promises.

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