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Islam is a religion that, if studied carefully, makes it clear to man that Islam is a source of well-being not only for Muslims but for the people of the entire universe. It would not be wrong to say that Islam is the religion of humanity.

And every command of Islam benefits the whole of humanity.
Islam and humanity are inseparable. Where there is Islam, there will be humanity. If a person is going against humanity even though he is a Muslim, it does not mean that it is evil in Islam, but it means that He may do not have complete knowledge, he does not know Islam correctly or he does not follow Islamic injunctions.


Thus, there are innumerable creatures created by Allah Almighty on this planet and they are the rulers of this earth. If the basis of morality, i.e humanity, is removed from human beings, then man is no less than an animal.

Islam is a complete code of life that meets all the requirements of life and humanity. All the commands and instructions are given by Allah and His Messenger in the Qur’an and Hadith merely teach humanity and urge to have good relations with human beings.

A study of the Qur’an and Hadith proves that what science is proving today is to the detriment of human beings, Islam has commanded us to forbid it fourteen hundred years ago.
There is no rule in Islam that harms human beings. Similarly, Islam teaches humanity to its followers, because in it is the good of every soul.

Human rights in the Charter of Medina, the Farewell Sermon, and other Islamic teachings are Better than the rights we have recognized as universal human rights. But it is unfortunate that first of all we Muslims do not read these teachings and even if we do read them we do not act and thus we make a mistake by following the path of our choice and because of this, the world grabs an opportunity to point the finger at the entire Muslim Ummah. And as a result, restlessness prevails.

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From my point of view, the world will be prosperous if we Muslims start practicing Islamic teachings ourselves and advancing the pacifist and humanitarian ideology of Islam.

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