Former Islamabad High Court judge accuses CJP of prejudice

Former Islamabad High Court judge accuses CJP of prejudice

Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui challenged his termination by CJP. Accuses him of prejudice

Earlier this month, he was sacked as a senior puisne judge of the Islamabad High Court. Justice Shaukat Aziz doesn’t seem happy with the decision as he accuses the CJP of prejudice.

Background od the story:

President ArifAlvi had removed Siddiqui on the Supreme Judicial Council’s (SJC) recommendation on October 11. The decision was taken by five members of the SJC led by Chief Justice of Pakistan.

The SJC had unanimously found the IHC judge “guilty of misconduct” over an anti-ISI speech. He had delivered that speech before the Rawalpindi District Bar Association on July 21.

On July 31, the SJC had issued a show-cause notice to Justice Siddiqui on the reference of his speech. He was directed to submit a reply by August 28.

“Siddiqui, an IHC judge, displayed a conduct unbecoming of a high court judge,” SJC said.

The report further stated:

“Such reckless and irresponsible conduct of a high court judge was not countenanced by any standard of judicial property.”

Justice Suddiqui’s stance:

Justice Siddiqui in his petition contended that he was terminated without a due process. He also said that his ouster was done without the SJC fulfilling legal prerequisites.

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Justice Siddiqui also alleged that the SJC order suffered from various illegalities. He prayed to the apex court to set aside the notification and restore his petition as IHC judge.


He also claimed that SJC members were biased against him. He said that his removal was a part of a preconceived plan of the worthy chairman of SJC.

Siddiqui also raised a number of questions on the legality of the actions taken against him. He filed the petition under Article 184 (3) of the Constitution of Pakistan, claiming:

“He was discriminately sacked on account of making a public speech”.

Siddiqui pleaded the apex court to withdraw the notification of his removal and restore him as IHC judge.

The SJC took up the matter after considering that such comments prima facie had the tendency of undermining the respect otherwise due to such constitutional institutions.


The statements made by Justice Siddiqui were extreme. He openly blamed the security agencies of Pakistan for interfering with the judicial system. Mr. Siddqui made such huge claims without any solid evidence.

A judge of a high court should come with solid proofs when he is accusing someone. So he has finally terminated from his position and no he has appealed against it.

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