Junaid Saleem shares an interesting old story about Imran Khan

Junaid Saleem sharing an interesting story about Imran Khan

The anchorperson at Dunya News, Junaid Saleem describes a story of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s cricketing days.

Talking about his student life, Junaid Saleem shares an interesting story of a cricket match play by Imran Khan.

Here is how the story goes:

“The story is from 1989 when I used to live in the hostel for foreign students in Punjab University. I remember there was a final match of Nehru Cup.

It was a mini world cup at that time and all of the top teams were playing in it. The TV was on, everyone was interesting watching the TV and there was a Palestinian student named Saleh.

He was playing carrom board and had to interest in cricket. He was asking me about the match after every two minutes.

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The match was a final between West Indies and Pakistan and Pakistan had to chase a big target. Their score was more than 270 at that time.

Pakistan’s start was not pretty good. The opener got out on the first 2-4 scores and Ramiz Raja was also out.

Then Saleem Malik and Imran Khan came on the wicket but Saleem Malik also got out. 

There was a pillar in front of that Palestinian student and he was asking me continuously ‘what happened?’

I was telling him that the situation is not good for Pakistan. But he kept asking me ‘Imran is on the wicket?’

I said yes he’s on the wicket and he responded with ‘Don’t you worry’

Then it finally happened, Imran Khan was on the wicket. The spinner Akram Raza came along with him. We were not expecting Akram Raza to play well with Imran Khan.

But Imran Khan won that final match along with Akram Raza.

Imran Khan was declared as man of the match and then the man of the tournament as well. ”

Then Junaid Akram concludes his story by saying:

“I strongly believe that Imran Khan will overcome this current crisis as well. He will be a man of the match in the current situation as well. Imran Khan will surely get Pakistan out of this crisis.”

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