Kamran Shahid makes Rana Afzal Speechless on Nawaz Sharif’s corruption

Former State Minister Rana Afzal lost his words after the Anchorperson Kamran Shahid expressed his thoughts on Nawaz Sharif’s corruption.

The FIA:

According to FIA, the Defense Ministry cannot find the Colonels and Brigadiers who split the money in Pakistan, the Ministry asked the FIA to find them.

Nawaz Sharif’s corruption:

The Anchor person asked the former minister that what more they want. Already the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is maintaining his cell in the jail and now what could happen more.

About Peoples’ Party:

PML-N didn’t rule the country properly and Pakistan faced a huge loss. The party also took money from Asad Durrani against PPP and criticized Bhutto.

The anchor revealed that the PML-N had also published inappropriate pictures of Benazir Bhutto and personally criticized her many times.

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Rana Afzal defending Nawaz Sharif:

The former minister said that PML-N has served Pakistan for 32 years and made improvements in every sector, Pakistan should be handed over to them again.

He said that everyone involved in corruption should be arrested. In this response, the Anchorperson agreed with him and said, “Everyone should be arrested.”

Asking PM about others involved:

In a previous interview in which Imran Khan was asked about Pervez Musharraf, he said, “It is not my priority” and he also didn’t even read the case.

Final thoughts:

Kamran Shahid kept himself calm and relax while Rana Afzal got a bit hyper. He tried his best to defend his leader and Kamran kept coming back with strong logic.

The case is almost the same in every other talk show where the leaders of PMLN are trying to defend the corruption cases and convictions of their top-tier leadership.

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