There is no political or economic crisis in the country – Khawar Ghumman

There is no political or economic crisis in Pakistan. 14-15 billion dollars have arrived in the country given by friendly countries.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is going to Qatar and then more money will come to Pakistan. In a political perspective, Pakistan Peoples’ Party and Muslim league N has come to side corner.

The main problem of ruling govt:

The main problem of the ruling government is how to reform sectors. Pakistan cannot get power, employment, and better governors until proper reforms of all sectors.

PM Khan’s biggest mistake:

The biggest mistake of PM Imran Khan is the selection of the team. He selected Dr. Ishrat who is 77 years old and joined civil service in 1964. He also worked in World Bank and had a desire of becoming Prime Minister of Pakistan and these days, he wants to get the charge of the finance ministry.

After this, PM Khan selected retired ShahzadArbab, a DMG officer. Then there is principle secretary Azam Khan and other DMG officers like secretary establishment etc.

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Not a suitable team:

For better reforms, this team is not suitable. It is an era of the digital economy and this team is not able to do that.

PM Khan should change his team in order to improve various sectors because the current team doesn’t have any out of the box solution and there are no good hopes from them.

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