KP Government completes 255 mini hydro power projects.

Delivering the promises; KPK Govt has completed 255 mini hydropower projects.

KP Government completes 255 mini hydropower projects.

(KPK Updates by Tends Pakistan) The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has completed 255 mini hydropower projects in 12 northern districts of the province to provide low-cost electricity to people as per vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Power projects and work on 67 others mini macro hydropower projects are also in full swing to provide affordable energy and clean drinking water to the people, officials in KP energy department said.

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The sources said, KP government has also proposed seven mega projects for inclusion in the CPEC including Mujigram-Shg Or 64 MW plant, Istaru Booni 72 MW plant, Turen More Kari 350MW plant, Jamshill Turen More 260 MW plant, Ghrait-Swir Lasht 277MW plant, Torcamp-Guddu Bar 409 MW plant,  Kari-Mushkur 446MW plant and power evacuation from CHITRAL to Chakdar through a transmission line.

Signing the MoU

The Government has signed Memorandum of Understandings with Chinese companies for the construction of these seven gigantic hydropower projects of 1978 MW proposed under CPEC in Chitral.

KP Government completes 255 mini hydro power projects.

Out of 255 MMHPPs, 15 were completed in Abbottabad, 51 Batagram, 44 Chitral, 40 Swat, 28 Kohistan, 21 Shangla, 37 Upper Dir, 4 Lower Dir, 13 Buner and one each in Torghar and Mansehra districts.

As many as seven MMHPPs are being constructed in Battagram, 11 in Chitral, five in Swat, seven in Kohistan, three in Shangla, 12 Upper Dir, five Burner, two Lower Dir and nine in Mansehra with help of NGO’s.

Shifting of heavy machinery to mountainous areas beside other factors contributed to delay in construction of remaining MMHPP’s.

Electricity Transmission

According to the officials, electricity transmission from most of the MMHPP’s has already been started in communities living near it.

KP government accelerated work on five ongoing small medium and big hydropower projects (HPP) with overall 215.8-megawatt capacity costing Rs.64980.1 million, which will be completed by May 2019.

The KP government has also decided to create 100 villages in southern and central districts of the province and under this mega project, 2900 solar system has been provided to people of these districts.

“We have started implementation on this key project under which each household will get 30 watts solar panel, three LED lights, one each ceiling and pedestal fan, one mobile phone charging slot and two batteries” the Official elaborated.

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