KP Govt launches New Tourism App to Promote Tourism

  • The KP Govt and tourism department launch a tourism mobile app to attract more tourists.
  • The app is the first ever tourism mobile app in Pakistan that will guide tourists about the tour and enable them to plan their trip across the province.
  • The KP Govt is set to attract 10 million foreign tourists to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in five years.

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has launched the first ever tourism app to promote tourism and attract maximum tourists.



The tourism app would help tourists in finding the best routes and enable them to make better choices during their tour.

While addressing the ceremony, the Provincial Minister for Tourism, Atif Khan said:

“Tourism of Pakistan shouldn’t be foreign-based, it should be Pakistani based. We can attract foreign towards our tourism but they cannot make it better, only we, Pakistanis can make our tourism better.”

“By introducing the latest technology we are making tourism easy for people. Tourism apps are common all over the world, however, in Pakistan, it is the first ever tourism app. The app will help to promote a soft image of the country at the international level,” Minister added.

How will this help?

The tourism app will help tourists to plan their trips, discover scenic places and interact with other tourists. With this app, the tourists can get information about the tour and plan their trip at home before leaving for a particular destination.

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The app will give tourists access to beautiful valleys of Naran Kaghan, Flowing lakes of Kumrat valley, Chitral’s snowy mountains, the culture of Kalash, views of Sawat Valley and cultural heritage of Peshawar.


The launching of tourism mobile app is aimed at introducing KP as a tourism destination for international tourists to attract more tourists to the province.

The incumbent government is investing in the tourism sector that will create new jobs, develop the concerned areas and boost the national economy.

Govt is also developing infrastructure at the tourist sites and eight billion rupees have been allocated in the new budget for this purpose. Govt would take steps to attract 10 million foreign tourists to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in five years.


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