KPK Doctors and Nurses barred from using phones while on duty

KPK Doctors, Nurses barred from using cell phones while on duty

The KPK Administration has barred doctors and nurses from using cell phones in hospitals while on duty.

Provincial Health Department has issued a circular to all public sector hospitals across the province, asking them to strictly enforce the rule. The doctors are nurses are now more allowed to use their personal phones while on duty.

The KP provincial assembly discussed the excessive use of mobile phones by nurses and doctors while on duty.

How did it start:

In this regard, a calling attention notice was submitted by Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) Nighat Orakzai.

She stated:

“The use of mobile phones by the on-duty doctors and nurses has become a common practice, which is badly affecting the treatment of patients.”

The MPA also argued that in some cases the condition of the patient deteriorated due to the doctors and nurses’ negligence.

She requested the house to hold a debate over the issue. She also sought a ban on the use of mobile phones by doctors and nurses during duty hours.

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According to a study, around 60% of surgeons use phones even in operation theatres and intensive care units.

The use of phones in such places raises serious questions about the safety of patients. The continuous electromagnetic rational (EMR) by the mobile phones are also harmful.

Experts recommend keeping phones at a safe distance from the medical equipment. Apart from the radiations, phone distracts the on-duty doctors and nurses.

KPK Doctor, Nurses barred from using cell phones while on duty

KP Health Department has taken significant measures in the past few years to strengthen the health institutions.

The KP government has increased its health budget by 200% in the past five years.

This step was definitely needed and other provinces should follow this to ensure patient priority in hospitals.

However, government hospitals also need to ensure that doctor and nurses are not cut-offs from the rest of the world during their duty hours.

There needs to be some way that the families and friends of doctors and nurses can contact them in case of emergency. So that they can continue to work with complete peace of mind.


The decision can lead to a well-managed system of health in the province. As the staff of hospitals will be solely focusing on healthcare. Doctors and nurses will be serving the patients more accurately and efficiently.

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