KPK Govt will not refill 6500 Govt positions to save Rs Billion

KPK govt to abolish 6,500 low cadre posts to save Rs4 billion

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Govt has decided to gradually abolish 6,500 low cadre posts to save over Rs4 billion.

It was informed by Provincial Finance Minister Taimur Saleem Khan Jhagra. He was addressing the post-budget press conference at the Committee room of the Civil Secretariat on Tuesday.

Total expenditure:

The Finance Minister said that the total volume of the budget for the current fiscal year was estimated at Rs 648 billion.

Total expenditure would be pitched at Rs618 billion envisaging a surplus of Rs30 billion.

The proposed expenditures also included development outlay of Rs180 billion with 90% allocations for the ongoing projects.

Foreign debts:

Earlier, the Finance Secretary told that the province’s foreign debts totaled $3.8 billion. While the provincial government spent 1.5 percent of its budget to return loans.

Finance Minister praised the last provincial government for ‘best financial management’. It resulted in the province’s stable financial conditions.

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Financial crisis:

The Minister said that there is a financial crisis at the national level. He said that he is not happy with the current development outlay. The province would need more money in the future for the development sector.

He said the finance department had set certain priorities for the current fiscal year.

The priorities: 

  • The strengthening of the province’s own revenue base
  • Finding a compact yet permanent solution to the issues of net hydel profit
  • Other dues to be cleared by the federal government

The minister said the government’s third priority was to minimize its expenditure. The expenditure which was going up by 20 percent every year.

KPK govt to abolish 6,500 low cadre posts to save Rs4 billion

“All efforts will be made to support the private sector for creating jobs”

Strengthening local governments remained the basis of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s manifesto.

What else from the finance minister?

Taimur said the province would receive Rs 426 billion from the divisible pool. It included Rs360 billion federal taxes. Furthermore, Rs 23 billion as oil and gas royalty that is 66 percent of its receipts.

The province is expected to receive Rs 43.3 billion as war subvention on account of expenditures. It will be received due the war on terror in the province of KPK.

Province would also receive Rs71 billion for Foreign Projects Assistance (FPA) showing an 11 percent increase in its receipts while it will generate Rs45 billion from other resources.

KPK would receive its due share in the National Finance Commission (NFC), the government had projected a surplus of Rs30 billion.

This Minister said the throw forward came to Rs469 billion with which about 1366 schemes would be completed and during the current financial year, 371 such schemes are going to be completed.

Finance Secretary, Shakeel Qadir Khan, said:

“The province is going to abolish 6,500 outmoded positions and another 6,584 jobs would be created during the current fiscal year.”

The Finance Secretary said that the province would get $3.8 billion till 2023, while during the current financial year, the province would pay Rs9 billion as interest and Rs7 billion as loans payment.

He said that there was a policy for the regularization of the employees under which 5,500 employees were regularized by the previous government.

Budget making mechanism:

The Finance Minister said that the budget-making mechanism also needs reforms as the existing designing of the budget is very old.

The budget didn’t have new taxes for the relief of the common man and had targeted the people not paying taxes.

He said most of the development budget had been allocated for ongoing schemes to reduce the throe forward liabilities.

The Minister said that the development of schemes of every department would be rationalized to control the throw forward liabilities.

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