KPK Health Department Progress – An Overview

We are going to discuss the changes made in the health department of KPK.

PTI taking care of the health of people.
 Life damage at the hands of health care providers in Pakistan is seen as normal as it gets. Not many care for accountability of those guilty until it’s one of them. On the other hand, the affected family make hue and cry, those who are a bit “courageous” keep the dead body on a busy road, bagging attention for few hours but in the end it’s all in vain, unfortunately.

Rarely, we have seen accountability in the cases of failed operations or Negligence on the behalf of Doctors or Medical staff. Many government hospitals in Pakistan paint a picture of despair, helplessness and depression.
Lack of a clean environment, apathy of healthcare providers and extreme frustration of patients are evidenced all over the place. Healthcare systems throughout the world have their weaknesses and can improve, but the situation in Pakistan is bleak.
The modern forensic labs established and functional in KPK health
However, with the application of 18th constitutional amendment, the healthcare being a provincial matter, PTI Govt in KPK is trying to bring positive changes in the government’s health structure.
And as one can expect the repercussions of challenging the status quo, it is getting resistance from the usual shrieks that are actually the “status quo” and would go to any extent to secure their own interests.


The improvements in health department of KPK
KP assembly passed the Health Reforms Act 2015 to empower government institutions. Aim was to free these institutions from the clutches of the pallbearers who want to keep the health system buried under the pile of bureaucracy.
KP Govt’s attempt to run the public government hospitals through a competent and independent board of governors is appreciable.


Many of the individuals supervising these health initiatives have rich experiences of working in Pakistan and abroad. Dr Nausherwan Burki, Dr Faisal Sultan and Dr Asim Yousuf are known individuals have worked selflessly to build Shaukat Khanum Hospital, which is known for its credibility in delivering good quality healthcare.
KPK health sector has been revolutionized in the past 4 years.
PTI’s performance in providing health care in a nutshell would be as below:
  • Establishment of health care commission as an autonomous body to improve/ensure quality of health care services in both private and public sectors through regulation.
  • Seventeen (17) Acts passed by the provincial
    assembly to regulate the health sector. 
  • Free treatment in emergency of Govt with 0.500 million have benefiting from the facility.
  • Provincial government allocated 500 million for dangerous diseases like aids, hepatitis, caner and kidney treatment.
  • 300 million allocated for maternity health services in 10 districts for benefit of 103,323 mothers.
  • Established free insulin bank costing 25 million
    Allocated 200 million for immunization
  • Three (3) new medical colleges are being
    established at Nowshera, Gujarkhan and Temar Garha through ADP of health department.
  • Recruited about 300 doctors, 1,000 nurses and 600 para medical staff and 1,000 doctors are being recruited on adhoc basis.
  • Approved Health Care Commission Act 2015 to improve the quality of medical services.
  • KP is the first province to establish Emergency Operation Center (EOC) in July 2014.
  • Number of Polio cases has been reduced from 68 in 2014 to only 7 in 2016.
The details of KPK health updates in a visual form

With all these applaud able steps by Provincial Govt, there’s this silver lining in health services of KP which is Sehat Insaf Card. Insaf card holders can enjoy:

  • Health insurance cards for 51% population (1.8 million households and 14 million individuals.
  • Free treatment up to Rs. 500,000 per head per annum in both public and private hospitals.
Sehat Insaf Card by KPK govt
Around Rs 70 million has so far been spent on providing free treatment to the poor people of KP in the Sehat Insaf Card initiative during the first six months of the current year.
It is evident that Khan led PTI’s intentions are to improve patient care and provide good quality education to junior doctors to bring meaningful change in the health sector in K-P and Pakistan as a whole.
However, these efforts have been and will be challenged, particularly for trivial political reasons. As Imran Khan had said earlier this year:
“Whenever the provincial government tries to take steps towards health reforms, people who oppose the change get stay orders from courts. This is one of the biggest hurdles in the path of change”.
Let us know what do you think about these changes .
Written by : Mehwish Azam

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