KPK Health; hospitals get lining system to guide the patients.


KPK Health; hospitals get lining system to guide the patients.

KPK Government has been demonstrating some innovative yet very useful ideas regarding Public welfare. PTI led coalition Govt in KPK is perusing its agenda for guidance and assistance for public as claimed by Chairman Imran Khan in many political gatherings as well as in PTI’s manifesto.
Recently, one such creative yet a helpful initiative has been taken by the management of Lady reading Hospital, Peshawar in the Emergency and Accident Department.
Lining system in KPK
Hospital management, in order to guide the patients and attendees in an emergency situation, has introduced an innovative lining system. It has been started to facilitate the patients in identifying their respective departments with ease.
It’s a great initiative not only for the patients but also foe the families of those patients. We see, in many Govt hospitals, no one from management is there to guide the families. They have to go through double trauma of not only bear the pain of seeing their loved ones in an accident along with the frustration of not finding the concern room or department.
The creative way to guide the patients in KPK hospitals.
Manger emergency department, Lady Reading Hospital Muhammad Nasir said that previously they had the “number system’ to identify the concern rooms for patients. But since many patients or their families were illiterate, they used to find it a difficult procedure.
The system to help patients reach the specific rooms easily
He said now they have adopted a system to avoid this difficulty. Under this system, he told, the red line leads the patient directly to ‘Trauma room”, Black line leads to “Female Medical Ward”, Yellow line leads to “OPD“ while the Green Line leads them towards “Surgical Wards”.
This system has, made the lives of both patients and the management rather easy. They don’t have to ask everyone and can reach to their respective wards just by following these lines.
kp-hospitals guiding-patients
KPK Hospitals guiding the patients in a creative way.
Although, this is a small step yet it helped the patients a great deal. Such small steps make the process of “Tabdeeli” possible. And this can definitely be seen in different department of KPK. No doubt this is a great step in KPK Health sector.

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  1. Nadia says

    A very smart move…great job! This colour coding is followed in North American hospitals and it does help the patients and as well as the hospital too.

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