100 Days Agenda : KPK Health Policy to be revised

KPK Draft health policy likely to be devised within a week

The KPK government is formulating a draft of health policy and devising a strategy to improve healthcare.

Revising the health policy, it is 100-day agenda of the ruling PTI. According to the officials, the Health Sector Reforms Unit is busy in analyzing the situation with the collaboration of:

  • WHO
  • Unicef
  • JICA
  • Aga Khan Health Services
  • Pakistan Population Welfare Council
  • Khyber Medical University
  • Khyber Medical College

A Health Policy Advisory Council, formed for the purpose, has held two meetings with health minister.

In the meeting, the participants took into account ground realities regarding the need for human resources for health management and development.

Draft health policy likely to be devised within a week


A core group is likely to formulate a draft along with a strategy for its implementation within a week.

The new policy would reflect the national health vision that was aimed at achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with focus on:

  • Essential immunization
  • Mother and child health
  • Improvement in primary, secondary and tertiary care services

At present only 0.4% of the GDP was allocated to the health sector and 85% of it went to secondary and tertiary care while the primary healthcare got 15%.

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According to the Pakistan Vision 2025, three percent of GDP should be allocated to the health sector to cater to the needs of the population.

Sehat Sahulat Programme:

The health department, which is actively engaged information of the draft policy, is likely to further enhance coverage of the Sehat Sahulat Programme.

Under this programme, 125,000 patients have received free treatment at a cost of Rs4 billion.

Shortage of various health centers:

IDF has pointed out shortage of:

  • Health professionals
  • Weak primary healthcare service
  • The absence of referral system
  • Lack of financial resources

The formulators of the new policy will take these issues into account.

The experts working on the health policy would also take into consideration measures to ensure the availability of quality drugs. They will streamline the prescriptions to facilitate the patients.

Availability of medicines at low price:

Availability of essential medicines in primary and secondary care centers free of cost would be made the part of the policy.

Short and long-term goals:

There would be short, mid and long-term goals along with plans to achieve them and put in place a programme to evaluate and monitor the policy from time to time.

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