KPK health department winning the global recognition for free cancer treatment.

The project of KPK Health department partners with private organizations to provide the free cancer treatment.

According to an article published in Dawn, the free cancer treatment by the Govt has received a global recognition.


The number of patients treated was taken from Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar.

We will make a presentation at Oxford University on the model adopted by the health department for free treatment of cancer patients.

Professor Abid Jameel Head of the department.

Professor Abid had a detailed interview with Dawn and explained the whole process. Following is another quote from him:

There has been a heated debate throughout the world about the expensive drugs, procedure and diagnosis. Research is being conducted to look into ways to ensure treatment of the patients, who cannot afford high cost of medication

Professor Abid Jameel Head of the health department KPK

Here is what Professor Abid Jameel says about presenting the treatments methods in the United Kingdom.

KPK Health exhibition in UK
Professor Abid Jameel to show the KPK Health performance in an exhibition at Oxford University UK

The public-private partnership programme was used to manufacture the drugs. It enabled the Government to provide the free treatment of cancer to the needy and poor patients.

The United Kingdom Cancer Care has accepted the programme to be presented as an example for the developing countries.

The KPK Health Insurance has majorly helped to achieve this goal. 

15 Billion Rupees have been spent on the free cancer treatment by now.

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