Car Washing Stations: KPK Govt to install Water Meters

KPK Govt to install Water Meters at Car Washing Stations

The citizens of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are facing many water crisis.

In order to conserve water, the government of KPK is planning to install water meters at car washing stations in the province.

On Sunday, the decision was revealed by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Environment Minister Syed Muhammad Ishtiaq.

In an interview, the Minister told about the government’s plan to install water meters at car wash stations. He said that it will control the massive misuse of potable water.

He also said, Pakistan was confronted with a major challenge of water shortage and wastage of clean drinking water could not be allowed at car washing stations in the province.”

He further said Pakistan is facing a major challenge of water shortage. Millions of gallons of clean drinking water cannot be allowed to be wasted at car washing stations in the province.

In this regard, the provincial Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has decided to take action against those car washing stations which are involved in wasting water.

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Water pollution:

The car washes lead to water pollution because they drain chemically contaminated water into the sewers.

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has already begun to take legal action against car washing stations that are operating illegally.

KPK Govt to install Water Meters at Car Washing Stations

The provincial government is keen to regulate this business by installing water meters at these stations at any cost.

Background of the story:

Earlier, the agency had issued notices to owners and directed them to install water meters as soon as possible. And those who will violate the regulation will have to face heavy fines.

There has been a massive wastage of water in thousands of car wash stations across the KP due to the lack of proper mechanism.


The draining of chemically contaminated water after washing of vehicles gives negative effects on the life of water species. During car wash, massive potable water is being wasted on most of the stations where water is being drilled via electric pumps. It causes substantial economic loss to the water-starved country. Misuse of water also leads to water pollution.

The PTI government has taken a lead role by directing the owners of these stations to install water meters and upon failure heavy fines would be imposed besides sealing of the stations. It is a very great step by PTI, it will save a lot of water and will protect the country from water loss. Governments from other provinces also need to follow such steps in order to ensure that water wastage can be minimized all across the country.


Source: Express Tribune

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