KPK police department builds 26 new police assistance lines

KPK Police has constructed over 26 police lines across the province.

The KPK police have been majorly focusing on improving their public relation. Now they have constructed over 26 new centers to assist the public.

KPK police line infrastructure

The Govt of KPK has changed the way of how a police station used to look in Pakistan. The Govt buildings, and police stations and centers used to look old and ugly.

KPK Police Department has changed this course and majorly revamped the system and infrastructure.

KPK Police line – Latest

The Public Relation of Police

The department of police has tried to change the perception of the public about the police. These newly constructed police lines are totally different and advance.

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The police lines are helping the public to interact with police in a more managed way. They’re now able to lodge their complaints more easily. As the environment and system have been made so friendly.

The newly constructed police lines of KPK

The major changes include a better and advanced way of lodging the FIR and complaints.

These police lines will help the public as well as an advanced training point for police.

KPK Police department is planning to expand the number of these centers in the next 5 years. 


Here is what the official account of PTI has tweeted.

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