KPK Police once again proves their resilience and bravery.


KPK Police once again proves their resilience and bravery.

Performance of KPK police over the past few years.
Recent coward attack by terrorists on yet another educational institution in KPK has saddened the whole nation once again. KP is the one province that have been paying heavy price in this fight against terrorism, be it with blood of civilians or Jawaans from Police and Pakistan Army.

KP Police has demonstrated their resilience and bravery for the sake of the nation in yet another such event. A groups of five burqa-clad terrorists stormed Agriculture Training Institute in Peshawar last Friday morning, killing at least eleven people, most of them students, and injuring 32 others.
They entered Directorate General Agriculture of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and then moved to the hostel of Agriculture Training Institute where, according to officials, 40 students were present.
The attack triggered a quick operation by police commandos, FC and Pakistan Army who killed all the four attackers.

The attack was failed due to the quick response of police force. KP police has emerged as a new powerful resilient force in recent past. Imran Khan’s forever slogan of “making police an apolitical force” finally can be seen as it is. Brave Jawaans from Police, Amry and FC fought the terrorists with bravery, not caring about their own lives; they saved the province from greater damage.
The special combat unit of KPK police.
Leading the operation aimed at wiping out terrorists, SSP Operations Sajjad Khattak has risen as an unforgiving force. Successfully leading the operation to its conclusion that eventually resulted in the killing of all the attackers, Officer Sajjad Khattak was summoned to duty while he was sleeping. And he, obviously, did not hesitate.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan paid tribute to the police officials who took part in the operation against terrorists in Peshawar earlier today He said: “our police and army saved us from a big tragedy today. I salute them for their role during the operation. In last 12-13 years, KP has seen the worst wave of terrorism.”
DG ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor also praised KPK Police over their quick response during University Attack. He said had police did not respond to the attack so quickly, the damage could have been more worse.
IG KPK Inspector General KPK Police, Salahuddin Mehsud, visited the injured Jawaans and praised them for their bravery. He ordered to give them the best treatment saying; “he is as important for KP Police Department as an IG or DIG”.
These words from their superiors must have made their devotion touch the skies. KP Police deserves salute from the whole nation.


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