KPK Updates: Transgender community gets health benefits; Real Change

Health benefits for KPK’s transgender community

KPK Health : Govt enrolls transgender community
When Khan led PTI formed Govt in KPK, every critique was all about how is he going to accomplish all the goals he has been claiming to accomplish throughout his election campaign. Now it’s almost the ending time of tenures of provincial and national assemblies. And even if one is not a fan of Khan and his politics, he/she cannot overlook the brilliant performance of PTI Govt in almost every Govt department.
For starters, we all know the prompt reaction time of KP Police along with its efforts and actions for eradication of crime in the province. It was the province that was most crime and terrorism stricken province in the country.
Visuals from the tour arranged for transgenders community by KPK Govt
Moreover, the reforms and progress in health sector are yet another achievement of KP Govt in past few years. This time Khattak led team in provincial Govt has taken the lead in conversing health insurance on transgender living all across the province. Officials of social welfare and health department on Friday 12 January distributed Sehat Insaf Cards among members of the transgender community. It starts an era of equality in access to healthcare for the transgender community.
Members of Transgender community across Pakistan live rather miserable lives. Challenges in daily life, discrimination in civil rights and their access to social services including their access to healthcare are just sad tales when one starts paying attention to them.
KPK Govt arranged a trip for transgenders community.
Enrollment t of this ignored community in the much-hailed Sehat Sahulat Program, the impact of discrimination, stigmatization and marginalization will lessen. Members of the transgender community will have the same benefits package as enjoyed by existing beneficiaries of the scheme. They will be able to utilize services to the tune of Rs. 540,000/- (5400 USD approx.) per beneficiary per year.
They will be able to access both public as well as private sector hospitals free of cost under the scheme.
The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is incrementally moving towards Universal Health Coverage. Its social health protection scheme, also brand-named as Sehat Sahulat Program started with only 4 districts covering 21% of its population, but soon it expanded to all districts of the province covering 51% population. However, in its 3rd phase, the coverage has been further expanded to 69% of the entire population.
A tour arranged for transgenders in KPK
The enrolled households can access healthcare services across the province; get treated at both public and quality private hospitals. Around 1.8 billion rupees have been spent on treatments under the scheme till date and more than 70,000 admissions/surgeries have been performed under the scheme.
Across the globe, the success of he governments are measured by how much the Public has benefited by it policies. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, it is measured by the Bridges and Metro buses. However, Imran Khan’s vision to bring “Tabdeeli” is making a difference. It is changing people’s perspective on how to elect the governments. It is hoped that this process will continue because it must for the betterment of our country.
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