KPK Women on the front foot to counter the crime and terrorism.

The KPK Women are on the front foot and fighting crime in the province.

Women fighting crime in KP
  • The model police stations have women doctors.
  • The bomb disposal squad of KPK had the first woman bomb disposal squad-member.

More KPK Women are taking a part in police and security. The formation of a separate wing for women police has now become mandatory.

It will make it easy for the female victims to communicate about their troubles with the policewomen.

In crime investigation, policewomen have been made an important part. The performance of policewomen in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is remarkable.

They perform their duties without having gender complexity. 

Policewomen in KP are boldly fighting against all the crimes and working shoulder to shoulder with policemen.

“As 51% of Pakistan’s population comprises on women, so we must give them suitable representation in all the departments,” KP police spokesperson said.

Some Statistics:

Presently, there are 800+ KPK women are working in various departments of police. The details are below:

  • ASP
  • Eight DSPs
  • Two sub-inspectors
  • Eight ASIs
  • 136 head constables
  • 653 constables
  • 22 on ministerial posts

The commando training:

KPK Women fighting the crime in the province.

It is pertinent to mention here that 63 policewomen have magnificently completed their elite police commando training.

In between the commando training, these policewomen went through some hurdles and faced exhausting routine but it didn’t stop them from what they wanted to achieve.

Female commandos of KP police have been divided into various platforms where they fight against terrorism. Side by side with their male mates, they also participate in operations against anti-state and anti-social elements.

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Training of explosive materials:

In addition to this, many policewomen have done their training of handling bombs and deactivation of explosive material.

As a part of the bomb disposal team, it becomes essential for the policewomen to get information of bombs. They learn about various skills and save the lives and property of citizens.

During bomb blasts, two policewomen have embraced martyrdom. “Lives of these policewomen are as much vulnerable to terror attacks as any other policeman,” the spokesman said.

First female in bomb disposal squad:

After completing a special training of explosives, two sisters from Karak (District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) have become part of the provincial bomb disposal squad (BDS).

From Sabirabad village in Karak, three siblings Pari Gul, Samina and Rukhsana, completed their course of handling explosives from KP police and now they can dispose of bombs.

The outcome:

KPK women have achieved a lot in this field. They can now easily operate heavy weapons and are also able to use a bomb suite. Furthermore, they can also find the places where explosives may be planted.

During an interview, three siblings said, “We are completely prepared to sacrifice for the people of Pakistan, our main aim is to fight terrorism and save the lives of our citizens

Female doctors deployed in Model Police stations:

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has introduced reforms for policewomen. It has established women desks in model police stations.

To deliver better treatment facility to women patients, two lady doctors have been posted in model police stations. Currently, 22 model police stations have been established in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


The trend of women joining the police force is rising in the province. The women are breaking the shackles of fear and inspiring millions of other women.

The institutions will become even stronger when the women keep participating like this.

Source: Tribune 

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