Land and Drug Mafia won’t be spared – Shehryar Afridi stands firm

Land and Drug Mafia won’t be spared – Shehryar Afridi stands firm

Minister Shehryar Afridi strongly appealed to the judiciary not to grant bail to those who are arrested for committing terrible crimes.

The Minister Shehryar Afridi addressed a police passing-out ceremony and urged police to continue the drive against drug peddlers without fear.

Role of police against Landgrabbers:

Shehryar Afridi praised the performance of Islamabad police in the recent drive against land grabbers and called it an exemplary. Praising police’s role in the war on terror, Minister said recalling that 41 of its members had been martyred.

Mr. Afridi said the government had decided to enhance the capacity of Islamabad police so that it could serve as a role model for other cities. Prime Minister Imran Khan had already announced a special package for Islamabad police, he recalled.

The actions to be taken:

Modifications will be made in Islamabad Police Act and it will equip the force with powers and resources needed to tackle challenges of the day, the minister said.

Shehryar Afridi further said that nobody will go off easily if he assists the drug and land mafia. Those influential persons who use drugs and supports drug dealers would also be taken to task as per law.

The Minister said that the government will continue the anti-encroachment drive and would recover every inch of land encroached upon.

In the past two months, 354 cases had been lodged at different police stations of Islamabad while 385 drug peddlers were arrested, the Minister told.

“The federal government will soon introduce model policing in Islamabad, new cadets will prove to be the frontline soldiers of this model,” Mr. Afridi stated.

From now onwards, you will see young cadets visible on Islamabad’s roads and they will give an example of friendly policing, the minister told.

These measures by the government to strengthen the force will bring about a qualitative change, he added.

Recently, strong action has been taken against land grabbers in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. More than 88,000 acres of state-land, worth RS300 billion has been recovered so far.

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Anti-encroachment drive in Karachi:

Both federal and provincial governments along with Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) agreed to continue the operation in the city.

The Supreme Court ordered the authorities to continue the anti-encroachment drive. Houses and markets located on amenity plots should be ordered to vacate premises in 30 days instead of the original 15 days, the court ordered.

According to the report submitted by the authorities in Karachi, 2,233 shops have been demolished in the anti-encroachment drive, so far. 744 shops were razed in Empress Market, 603 shops in Umar Farooqi Market, 176 shops in Mairaj Market, and 151 shops near Jahangir Park, have been recovered, the report stated.

Anti-encroachment drive in Islamabad:

The anti-encroachment operation in Islamabad was carried out by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) but now it has been placed under the administrative control of the interior ministry.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that in the form of state lands, Pakistan has dead capital worth a staggering RS300 billion.

Land and Drug Mafia won’t be spared – Shehryar Afridi stands firm

Anti-encroachment drive in Lahore:

The drive against land mafia in Lahore was launched after the Supreme Court ordered the Ministry of Interior to place alleged land grabber Mansha Bomb and his sons on the Exit Control List.

During the first two days of the operation, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) demolished the furniture market of land grabber Mansha Bomb 25 showrooms and 20 commercial plots were recovered in the market located at the PIA road.

Furthermore, 31,687 kanals of state land, 280 acres forest department, 8 plots in the Walled City, 636 kanals of in LDA, and 32 plots worth Rs2 billion of the Metropolitan Corporation Lahore (MCL), are expected to be recovered during the drive.

Operation in other cities:

The operation against land grabbers is in full swing in Multan, Khanewal, Vehari and Lodhran districts also. About 4314 acres of land has been recovered.

To inquire about the illegal occupation, proper surveys were conducted in these districts billion rupees land has been recovered.

Orders from the Supreme Court:

According to the orders of the Supreme Court, all encroachments on illegally occupied government lands and additional structures in the market would be demolished in a systematic way in all six districts of the capital.

The court has issued clear orders to demolish illegal wedding halls and no individual or mafia would be allowed to return to places cleared of encroachments. The Court had also issued orders to continue anti-encroachment drive against land grabbers.


Source: Dawn


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