Pakistan’s Large Scale Manufacturing Increased by 10% in Dec 2019


Large Scale Manufacturing
Large Scale Manufacturing
  • Pakistan’s Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) out has been increased by 10%
  • The stats were issued by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.
  • The Large Scale Manufacturing output was increased by 9.66% in Dec 2018


The large scale manufacturing of Pakstan has shown some clear signs of recovery.

In November 2019, large scale manufacturing broke the continuous cycle of decline. The food and beverage growth were increased by 41.57%.

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Here is a list of sectors with their growth:

  • Paper and board: 33.4% 
  • Leather and products: 16.1%
  • 11 Items under the Oil Companies Advisory Committee: 1.23%
  • 36 Items under the ministry of Industries and production: 10.69%
  • 65 other items reported by the Provincial Bureaus of Statistics: 8.6% higher

All of these stats clearly show that economic growth is now coming back on track. These indicators will show a positive message to the investors which will bring more FDI for Pakistan.

Large Scale Manufacturing

The overall impact:

The total production in July to December 2019 has increased which is a positive sign for the LSM (Large-Scale Manufacturing). The manufacturing job market to provide more jobs as production increases.

The investments:

With this positive indicator of more manufacturing in the country, there will be more chances of receiving foreign direct investment (FDI). With more FDI coming in, the economic growth will be majorly boosted.


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