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Let's Embrace CPEC
Let’s Embrace CPEC – TrendsPak Blog


English Translation of the blog:

When the Industrial Revolution hit Britain in the eighteenth century, the subcontinent was ruled by the East India Company. This revolution brought awareness as well as progress to the western nations.

His elites have created a tradition of creating institutions that are inclusive of the public good and this tradition is still alive today. We have been deprived of this blessing.

Neither industrial development nor democratic traditions were achieved. The tradition of strengthening personal and party values ​​originated here and continue to this day.

The tradition of creating extractive institutions became common. Institutions whose benefits the common man could not benefit from. However, the deficit was met by the IMF and the World Bank.

Some clowns have been blaming the past two years. This is the story of two centuries, seventy years, and three periods of Nawaz Sharif, two periods of Benazir, one period of Zardari, and three periods of military rule.

Imran Khan has started to correct this tradition. Some ships will sink, some will come straight. But now the way back is closed. This is an evolutionary process. Circumstances and nature play a greater role in this than personal intentions.

The story of Pakistan may be similar to that of Afghanistan, but for obvious reasons why our defense forces cannot be challenged, we are here. CPEC is a great opportunity for us to strengthen our economic institutions through the Industrial Revolution.

There is a lot for the people in this project. This development plan will only strengthen the people and the state. It would not be wise not to take advantage of this opportunity given by nature.

It has all the opportunities for energy, employment, industry and agriculture, economy, and social development.

Let’s move forward together and embrace this plan of prosperity

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