Talkshows: Live with Dr Shahid Masood 17 November 2018

Live with Dr. Shahid Masood – The episode of November 17th, 2018.

Live with Dr Shahid Masood 17 Nov 2018

Dr. Shahid Masood said Imran Khan has to control his issues and should be more careful. But first, I would say corrupt elite and Badmashiya will not be saved by doing these tactics and wasting the time of nation.

State vs Mafia

Firstly I would like to comment on Anwar Majeed and his crimes, he was doing all crime while in jail, extortion money laundering, killing and every sort of crimes they have done in jail including Anwar Lawayi.

They should prepare and somehow Zardari is also prepared for going to jail. As Mian Nawaz Sharif played well by defusing a situation, stretch cases. The media propaganda he was successful but again I would say it won’t lead to the new election.

They both are spending money, doing propaganda, they are doing everything to delay and save their faces, they are waiting for an incident so that they can run away from their criminal cases.

What Opposition is doing:

Now, State of Pakistan has several institutions, Judiciary, NAB, Military, and they tried to destroy like other institutes of state and government is a part of the state. Now Imran khan’s U-turn statement wasn’t like that as media is reporting, he was trying to say something else but media and opposition got the opportunity.

But again I would say there will be nothing opposition can gain, it’s just another time-wasting tactics. As I said earlier, opposition trapped government in tiny issues and so far they are successful, and its government job to come up with new ideas and always be careful.

State Policy:

Now what state is doing, other than government state is doing their job, against criminals and that includes sitting government too. After their 100 days, the opposition is ready to propagate tiny issues, failures and would try to twist every single step taking by the government.

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Judiciary is doing their best, every day we are getting updates of different important cases benches are doing this and that. The army is already stayed away from all political activity, as we saw a few days earlier General Bajwa invited all politicians from all parties, but at the same time Badmashiya dragging both institutes.

What Government has to do:

Imran Khan has to disengage from opposition’s trap as soon as possible. Tahir Khan Dawar murder should be an eye-opener, Jit has been made and there is some news that Tahir Khan Dawar has been trapped by his own friends.

Surprisingly international laws have been violated in Afghanistan, but now this is the job of Government to speak up. No other state institution government has to come forward to resolve these type of issues. Imran Khan has to appoint a proper interior minister of the country, it looks like the same case as in the last regime Nawaz Sharif didn’t appoint a foreign minister.

Shahid Masood Revelations:

Dr. Shahid also revealed that the number of Asif zardari’s front men will be witnessed and are cooperating completely with state institutions.

There will be more arrests in upcoming days from Sindh and Punjab, State is in auto-correct mode, corrupt elite is trying their best to resolve or make chaos in the country but in the end, the state will win.

Dr. Shahid Masood also revealed the name of that person who is asking for NRO, He said Shahbaz Sharif is trying best to get NRO from Imran Khan. He passed Nawaz Sharif message to Imran Khan it looks. Nawaz doesn’t trust Shehbaz and through Rana Mashood Nawaz Sharif exposed his plans.

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