PM Khan in UAE – Live with Dr Shahid Masood 18 Nov 2018

Dr. Shahid Masood talks about the recent visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to UAE.

Live with Dr Shahid Masood 18 Nov 2018

Dr. Shahid Masood has talked on a number of topics. Discussing PM Imran Khan’s UAE visit was the most detailed one.  Let’s break them down:

Prime Minister Iman khan in UAE

Off course we all know UAE is helping Pakistan financially and they are also going to support by their oil. PM Imran Khan has a long history personally with people of UAE as well as the elite class of UAE.

PM Imran Khan has huge fan following in UAE, he held many fundraises for Shaukat Khanum and for other causes. Lets not forget our military leadership are also involved to handle situations and events in the region like igniting the peace process among countries in region.

Pakistan’s Military leadership also want to have good relation with Iran and alwThe ays ready to play a role as mediator.

USA with Taliban leadership

Since America is talking with Taliban in Qatar, Zalmay Khalilzad reached in Kabul after 3 days meeting of and it seems Rasheed dostum and ashraf ghani are not happy with this process.

Taliban are stick with their terms and nominate a Tajik Aalim-e-deen. Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan and sorry to say most of Afghans don’t want peace in their country.

Crises for Government

Before arrest of several criminals Imran khan has to solve their government issues, I met with few PTI leaders and they were worried. There are a group of people who are with Imran Khan. some of them are with him since long time but few of them came 5-6 years ago.

Leadership from PTI who met with me said Dr. Sahab please talk to  PM Imran khan. I said why should I talk to him I never met him for a long time. They said there is a big group in our party like most of people who came from a different party like PPP and PMLQ.

Now because of these people we are unable to proceed, they are only targeting PMLN. For example, no one is talking about the OMNI group and this is mega corruption case.

So I said why don’t you talk to media in this regard then they said we cannot because of certain reasons. Now If Imran khan can survive 15-20 days without having problem then government will be easy for PTI leadership.


What I see in Punjab I cant see in Sindh.  Federal minister Faisal wavda checking water mafia with Sindh ministers. Everyone knows who is behind water mafia and others in Sindh.

You can watch the previous episode by tapping here

That minister was saying Zardari sahib will disown Anwar Majeed and he will go to jail for some time. I said remember my word, Zardari sahib will have you like Halwa and he will enjoy you by sprinkling almonds and raisins.

He will make Anwar Majeed senator just wait and watch.

State Needs Interior Minister

Current government needs strong and proper Interior Minister who can start accountability across the board. Interior matters, border issues, PTM issues, Baluchistan issues, and Karachi operation. That’s why I am insisting we need strong Interior Minister.

The PM has to aware and I am telling Imran khan that please careful from those people who are trying to make NRO between PTI and PPP they will destroy PTI and strengthen PMLN and I believe Imran khan will not compromise and will not be trapped.

Demise of Haji Abdul Wahab

We lost a big personality Haji Abdul Wahab of Tableeghi Jamaat, May Allah give him Maghfirat we should all pray for him.

He was a great personality, never conflicted with others. He was not interested in publicity what most important sentence he used to say when I met with him “Allah say hi hota hai, Allah kay siwa kisi say nahi hota”. May Allah grant him Jannah and my condolence with his students and followers.

Dr. Shahid Masood concluded today’s show “Imran khan should change few ministers in his cabinet and should appoint a proper interior minister”.

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