Mahatir Mohammad Defends U-Turn – Terms it with correcting a mistake

Mahatir Mohammad Defends the Uturn

The prime minister of Malaysia, Mahatir Mohammad says it is okay to change your strategies. 

Dr. Mahatir Mohammad has to take many U-turns on his own policies. He’s being criticized by the opposition to do so. 

The situation became interesting when a female reporter stood up during a cabinet meeting. She asked the Malaysian Prime Minister that why are you taking the U-Turns?

Mr. Mahatir Mohammad smiled and said

“When we make wrong decisions, we will have to take the U-turns”

He further explained it by saying that “We are humans and we can make the wrong decisions. But when we realize out mistakes, its better to take the U-Turn and correct the mistakes”

The Malaysian Prime Minister had to change the policies on the education reforms. There are many other decisions which were reverted by him. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan has the same kind of thoughts when it comes to U-Turns. Here is what he said about it:

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PM Imran Khan stood firm on his stance like Mahatir Mohammad. Explaining how important it is to revise your decisions and strategies. Changing them according to the situation and make the best out of it. 


Prime Minister Imran Khan was heavily criticized for changing some of his decisions after becoming the prime minister. He had to change some strategies and go against his own sayings. 

He defended it by saying “Great leaders take Uturns, they realize their mistakes and they rectify them”

Prime Minister of Malaysia has said something similar now. After he was also being criticized by the opposition and media. 

It might not be acceptable for many but coming from Mahatir Mohammad, puts more weight into Imran Khan’s argument that it is okay to change your strategies. 

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