‘Major’ Adnan Sami gets ranked as 3rd best spy in the world

  • Since the conversion of his nationality, Pakistanis have been calling Adnan Sami as a spy.
  • India had to face many defeats since Feb 27, 2019, and Pakistanis think ‘Major’ Adnan Sami was behind it.
  • People start to congratulate him whenever a helicopter or jet of the Indian Air Force is crashed.

But this time, he has been ranked as the 3rd best spy in the world

Pakistan Index has ranked ‘Major’ Adnan Sami as the 3rd best spy in this world for his successful missions and intel.

A brief history of him becoming a ‘Major’ :

Adnan Sami had has recently left the Pakistani nationality and became an Indian citizen. Since then, he has been trying his best to prove his loyalties to India. He was supporting India and spitting venom against Pakistan even more than Indians.

So here comes the point when Pakistanis started to call him a spy. He was congratulated whenever there was something wrong in the Indian Army or Air force.

Pakistanis are congratulating him on becoming the 3rd best spy in the world:

This is how the nation has reacted to it:


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