Maryam Nawaz’s Allegations on Asim Bajwa Vs Reality [TrendsPak Blog]

The allegations of Maryam Nawaz on Asim Bajwa Vs ground reality:

Maryam allegations
Maryam allegations

English Translation:

Yesterday, Maryam asked how Asim Bajwa was an ordinary government official. How can he make so many assets? Can someone explain to him that he has already given the answer that my three brothers have been working in the US since the 90’s Investors are also involved, the business is not the private property of Asim Bajwa.

Neither Asim Bajwa nor his brothers ever said that this is not a business even in , everything is in their own name, did not present any Qatari letter, gave their own answer, and said without blaming anyone else Be prepared to present evidence to any subsidiary.

But since the Sharif family has no answer to their looting, they are shamelessly chanting slogans and lying against the uniform in front of the people to discredit every individual and institution. It wants to overthrow the system by harming Pakistan’s national interests and people like Hussein Haqqani are giving full support outside

Earlier, he opposed the FATF laws. Saudi Arabia was accused of being anti-government, portraying and supporting anti-state elements in Balochistan, chanting the slogan of independent Balochistan from the stage of their rally, plotting to split the army, supporting the Indian position. Ayaz Sadiq’s statement again in support of Maryam and PML-N.

All this is being done with the intention of provoking the government to make a wrong decision, but the government and institutions should not allow them to become revolutionary or political martyrs, all this is being done to save their theft and the law. Accordingly, they will be dealt with in the same crime first.

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