Rana Mashood Bursts Out After being Rejected to Go abroad

  • FIA has barred RanaMashoodfrom flying abroad because of his name being on a blacklist.
  • Rana Masood burst out saying he gets text messages from unknown sources asking him to stop speaking against the government.
  • Rana Masood says he is not scared of anyone and wants to expose NAB.

PML-N leader and former Punjab minister Rana Mashood has been barred by the FIA from flying abroad at the Lahore airport. He was to fly to the US.

Rana Mashood was divested from a private airline’s aircraft by the immigration officers of FIA because of his name being on a blacklist over his involvement in the alleged misuse of funds of the Punjab Youth Festival.

After being divested from the aircraft, he was allowed to leave the airport. In a statement, the PML-N leader said he was stopped from going abroad as he arrived at the airport. He kept asking FIA officials about details of the case registered against him but they ignored him.

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Recently in an interview, RanaMashood burst out and told that he gets threatening text messages from unknown sources asking him to stop speaking against the government.

Rana said:

“I am not scared of anyone. I will not ask for pre-arrest, if they want to send me in jail, they can. I will expose NAB.”

Rana said:

“It is enough, I haven’t done any crime but they damaged my reputation in front of my family and my voters.”

“I will go to the courts and will not ask for pre-arrest, I will expose NAB and its inquiries,” he added.

Rana said that he has also formed a team and decided to make damages against NAB. He said he will not sit quietly.

He said that the government has destroyed Pakistan and only the Army can secure it. But some people who are controlling the Army act as a question mark on the Pak Army, he said.

Furthermore, he said that the public is showing frustration over everything. He said the government should stop creating a question mark on other institutes and focus on their duties only.

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