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Our society has lots and lots of stereotypes related to men/women/transgender.

Men Vs Society – Blog

I am a girl who usually goes for woman empowerment, obviously, but I still can’t overlook the problems faced by males in this society.

We all know that men in our society are considered a level higher than women. No matter how much this fact is detested by feminists. But for a common man, this “one level higher” thing comes with a  price to pay.


They say that Men have a responsibility to supervise their families, to provide them with food, safety and other basic needs of survival. We know that this responsibility is no less than that related to females, but i think we put some extra pressure on males here.

Males have to deal with a lot of pressure on a daily basis. It’s like they are enchained with responsibilities and they can never escape them, in some cases, they can’t even take a break

They have to compromise on their needs:

Males, as a father, as a brother, as anyone who runs the family;  have to compromise their dreams, personal space and even needs to fulfill the needs of their family.

And their sacrifice is taken for granted:

Yes, the irony is that nobody really appreciates them for all they do for a family. Men ignoring their needs are often taken for granted as they are “supposed” to go through this tough time.

Plus, the feminists blame them for patriarchy and stuff (not denying the fact but conditions are not same everywhere).

Stronger creature:

They say that males are designed with stronger nerves. Yes, there, but this doesn’t make it right to put any amount of pressure on those nerves.
>> they still are a human being with emotions, it’s okay if they cry/ get scared, it’s okay if they get tender physically, it’s okay if they take a break for themselves if they do something that makes them happy. If they walk away from the routine for a while and recollect themselves.


Both men and women have essential parts to play in society. The key is to build an air of understanding, empathy, and cooperation among both genders.

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